Ariane Cap

Austrian Ariane Cap is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, author, blogger, and composer. 

An eclectic and versatile bassist, she has covered many styles, from Rock (Keith Olsen/Fleetwood Mac), Jazz (Mimi Fox, Montclair Women’s Big Band) to Folk and Flamenco (Muriel Anderson), to classical music (The Mozart Band), and Top 40, Latin Disco (Generation Esmeralda) to Punk Rock (“kindie band” The Sippy Cups) and Cirque du Soleil. As a leader, Ariane has teamed up with star Jazz bassoonist Paul Hanson to create the critically acclaimed duo ‘OoN’. A new collaboration with Stu Hamm (Bass Beyond Borders) is underway.

Ariane is an online teaching personality with a thriving blog and bass courses and webinars that draw a local following. She contributes regularly to with her series “Talking Technique” and does courses and live seminars for; her book, “Music Theory for the Bass Player” is a frequent bestseller on Amazon.

Ariane has been written about in several leading bass magazines and was featured  on the July 2019 cover of Bass Player Magazine as one of four winners of the “Hottest Bass Players on the scene” poll. She presented at the 2019 London Bass Guitar Show with a clinic and a performance.

A self-publisher and entrepreneur, Ariane is a frequent guest on business and motivational podcasts. A certified TinyHabits™ coach and NLP Practitioner, she has a deep interest in the learning process and in optimizing practicing habits and learning for herself and her students. 

Ariane is highly active endorsing her companies (Marleaux Basses, Kala basses and others), co-runs, a series celebrating the art of solo bass and is a second term elected Governor of the San Francisco Chapter Board of the Recording Academy.   

Visit her blog at and her artist site at