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Anthony Wellington

Anthony Wellington is one of the most sought after and well known bass teachers in the world today as well as the long time holder of the coveted “2nd bass” position in the Victor Wooten Band. He has been featured in many publications including Bass Player Magazine, and in 2009, readers awarded his feature as “best non-cover article of the year”. He has a uniquely thorough teaching style which combines one-of-a-kind mathematical analysis with abstract concepts and “legwork”.

When not teaching 80-100 students a week at his lesson headquarters “Bassology” in Waldorf, Maryland he teaches in Bensalem at “Bass Specialties”, and at “Inspire Music” in York, PA once a month . He also conducts private Skype lessons for students all over the country and internationally. Anthony also owns and operates AntFarm Recording Studios.

Anthony Wellington was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and raised in the South East part of Washington, DC. He got his first guitar when he was twelve years old and began playing bass by the time he was fifteen. When he attended Oxon Hill High School, he began to take music courses. He went on to study Jazz at the University of Miami and studied Audio Engineering at Omega Recording Studios.

Some of the first artists that Anthony identified with musically were James Brown and Stevie Wonder. Though, from an early age he was drawn mostly to the lower frequencies in the music spectrum – da’ bottom. This led him to take inspiration from bassists such as Larry Graham, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Mark Adams from the group Slave, Bootsy Collins, Louis Johnson and a host of others. Driven by the level of musicianship exemplified by these bassists, he began to put in long hours practicing and studying music theory. His passion and commitment for music continued to grow.

Anthony started a recording studio while playing keyboards and guitar. He had stopped playing bass in 1986 and didn’t play again for about 8 years. Anthony feels, however, that things happen for a reason. So in 1993, when his recording studio was burglarized leaving nothing but a single bass guitar, he took that as a sign and once again took up bass playing and has been going strong ever since.

In 1996 he stepped into Hot Licks Guitar Shop in Waldorf, MD to check out some basses. After hearing him play, the manager Gene Quade offered Anthony a position teaching bass guitar and he taught there 6 days a week until February of 2006. At that time, he decided to open up his own private bass academy and found a commercial space in Waldorf, MD and can be found there Monday through Saturday, doing what he loves most – instructing nearly 90 students a week. It was quickly apparent that Anthony had a true gift for teaching and has earned the respect and love of his students both as a teacher and a friend. He has an uncanny instinct for knowing what each individual student seems to need and is able to provide just the right kind of encouragement they require to develop their own musical skills.

Starting out playing in Go-Go bands, he slowly transitioned into other musical realms. In 1999 he played with Gospel great Walter Hawkins and later he began touring nationwide with world-renowned bass player, Victor Wooten as his Bass Tech, sound engineer and stage manager. A couple of shows into the first tour, Victor asked Anthony to also perform in the show. In 2000, he also began extending his teaching skills to include the Victor Wooten’s Bass/Nature camp and various music workshops.

During that same year he joined forces with a local DC band called His Boy Elroy and performed with them throughout the MD, DC, and VA tri-state area until early 2003. Anthony can be sometimes found performing with other local musician friends. Check out his website for gigs, tour dates and clinics.