Chico Huff

Chico Huff has been playing electric bass professionally for about 40 years. He is primarily self taught, learning from all the wonderful musicians he’s had the pleasure of making music with over the years. He did his first paying gig when he was about 14 years old, playing standards on Martha’s Vineyard.

Over the years Chico has had the pleasure of performing and/or recording with these fine folks:
James Taylor, Kate Taylor, Alex Taylor, Carly Simon, Jeff Golub, Richard Elliott, Jef Lee Johnson, Kit Walker, Solas, Seamus Egan, Karan Casey, Liz Carroll, Chuck Leob, Terrance Blanchard, John Belushi, Dr. John, John Swana, Cathy Ryan, John Hall, Jefferson Airplane, Francois Corneloup, Susan Werner, Antje Duvecot, Lizanne Knott, and many more.

Chico has traveled in the USA and Europe extensively through the gift of music as well as Japan and Morocco.