Patrick Pfeiffer

Patrick Pfeiffer Artist’s Statement

I believe music nourishes the soul and touches the heart. It allows me as a performer and composer to share my emotions and my spirit with the audience. I play bass, the instrument that perfectly balances rhythm and harmony, providing the powerful heartbeat of the band.

My favorite instrument is the fretless six-string electric bass and my style is a distinctive blend of percolating, percussive notes that weave into the complex fabric of a groove and can unexpectedly soar with vocal-like quality. I incorporate elements of the sophistication of jazz, the grittiness of funk and the earthy feel of R&B, all germinating in a potent mix. My music implies simplicity, but upon closer examination reveals layers of complex harmonic structures and syncopated rhythms.

I write bass books, explaining the finer points of bass playing, even inventing new language to describe certain aspects of playing. I hope to inspire, empower and motivate bass players everywhere to achieve their highest level of artistic, creative and spiritual expression, so that they in turn can use their knowledge to create great music. My aim is to bring joy, passion, love, peace and harmony to all through the healing power of music.