Hear what some others think of Bass BootCamp:

"I have gone for the pass two years and the friendships are priceless. The mood is like a church for bass players."

- Herman H.

“Staff was a 10!”

"This was my daughter's second year at the bootcamp and she had a wonderful time! Thanks to the staff, instructors and other bass players for being so supportive to her."

- S. Bello

"My first Bass BootCamp was two years ago, and I'll be going back this year. When I walked in the door I didn't know anyone and when I walked out, I had a musical family I wasn't expecting. The instructors are knowledgeable and open to sharing everything they know. I can't wait to see everyone again and soak up as much new knowledge as possible."

- Malaina H.

"I had the opportunity to attend Gerald Veasley’s BootCamp thrice supporting my son. The instructor lineup, additional seminars, and overall experience to me was second-to-none each time. The instructors were well equipped to teach and answered all questions. This camp is the perfect event for aspiring bassists and professionals who desire to enhance their skill set."

- D. Hest

“I've come to consider it to be an important 'recharge' for my whole year.”

"You couldn't beat it if you had a baseball bat! The fellowship is superb. The instruction is the best that you can get anywhere in one weekend. The Expo is as close to heaven as you can get, if you're a bass "gear head"! Come join me and you'll agree."

- M. Hamer

"Just an awesome experience! I go the Expo (which is just awesome...it's a chance to check out all the latest gear and you never know who will show up!!! It's highly recommended. If you play Bass, no matter what level of your playing experience, YOU WILL DEFINITELY LEARN A LOT!!!!"

- Willie Otis Lemons III

"Bass BootCamp was a life changing experience for me. If you play bass and love music, this is a must-do event. I will be there this year and can not wait for a whole weekend of all things bass."

- Bruce H.

"If you play or want to learn to play bass this is the place to be! Great instructors and a real bass family experience. Make plans for next year!"

- Carolyn M.

"The bootcamp was off the chain! I had a blast! My first, but won’t be my last! The instructors were phenomenal! First class!! Thank you Gerald & Roxanne for starting this beautiful event!! Can’t wait for 2020 class!"

- Eric T “Petey” Peterson

"Always a great experience. Also, the Bass Expo on Saturday is very cool!"

- Stanley P.

“It was very well put together and it was a great inspiration.”

"WOW....I work in music education daily, and I can honestly say this camp is one of the best musical events we have ever been a part of. Beyond educational (as much as some of the world's best instructors can possibly cram into three days), this is one of the most immersive, inspiring, and supportive experiences (and groups of people) there is. This camp is a DO NOT MISS!"

- Greg F.

"The 2017 edition of Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp will be my seventh consecutive year as a "camper". Each year has been a remarkable learning and growth experience, and I consider all of my fellow campers, the staff and instructors to be my family!"

- D. Mael

"Supportive environment for everyone. Perfect mix of theory and actual playing opportunities."

- R. Herzog

"A great experience for any level of bass player. Go once and you will return."

- B. Read

"One of the most intense and educational events I've ever experienced."

- W. Harris

“For a beginner, this was very motivational and will save me a few years of 'blind' practice."

"I had a great time and met some real cool down to earth people from from all over the country. Instructors and students were all really cool."

- T. Harris

"This is an experience of a life time...I found my new family...Thanks Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp crew..."

- Maryjane Morgan

"I get more invigorated every year. Not only are the classes the best but getting a chance to network with other bassists around the country is so cool. My bass brotherhood and sisterhood has grown immensely. Looking forward to next year."

- H. Jackson

"I attended my first camp in 2003 when I was 12 years of old. Gerald and his staff has consistently created a great, supportive environment for bassists of all levels to congregate and educate each other, and have continued to improve each year with more dynamic staff and opportunity! Recommended to all bassists!!"

- Carter Fox

"A family atmosphere of musicians...young and old...amateur and professional who come together in the Basso-Sphere. Learning is mandatory and positivity is abundant."

- O. Brown

"Amazing experience! I didn't know what I was walking into...Thank you Gerald and crew for putting together such a special, fantastic, soulful and funky bass love fest! I loved every minute of it and gained knowledge, new friends and inspiration - very grateful to be here and can't wait to come back next year!"

- Vivian P.

“I always go home refreshed, renewed, convicted and ready to groove.”